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Monster Menu-All: Mothership Edition


Obviously inspired by Skerples posts. Hopefully this will help if you ever find yourself in a situation where your players are demanding you let them eat the alien horror. Or if you want some random flavours for street food on distant worlds.

Normal Alien Meat 
For when you've killed something strange and decided to eat it, and it just so happens to have compatible biochemistry. 
Roll on the table below for how edible your meal is. Proper hygiene, cooking it well, a successful gastronomy roll etc. give +1. 
1-2           Disgusting. Body Save or suffer from food poisoning for 1d10 hours. Gain 1 stress
3-9           Adequate. No special effect.
10            A culinary sensation. Advantage to heal if you are resting, and relieve 1 stress.  
Obviously this only applies to compatible biologies. Dont try to eat silicon- or ammonia-based lifeforms.
For taste and texture, roll twice, or just once and read across horizontally. You can also use this for any foods you find on frontier colonies, strange street stalls, dubious fast food shops, etc.

1d25            Texture                                                 Flavour                                                    

1                  Crunchy                                                 Salmon     
2                  Squelchy                                                Beef 
3                  Crusty                                                    Pork 
4                  Stringy                                                   Gammon    
5                  Fatty                                                       Escargot 
6                  Buttery                                                   Chicken 
7                  Lean                                                       Clams 
8                 Tough                                                     Jackfruit 
9                 Oily                                                        Grass 
10               Flaky                                                      Pineapple 
11               Spongy                                                   Mutton 
12               Gelatinous                                              Crickets 
13               Gristly                                                    Vinegar 
14               Rubbery                                                  Tofu  
15               Juicy                                                       Soy Sauce 
16               Oozing                                                    Brown Sugar 
17               Coarse                                                     Abestos 
18               Sinewy                                                    Drywall 
19               Supple                                                     Yoghurt 
20               Oddly Familiar                                       Your mothers cooking 
21               Dense                                                      Metallic 
22               Caustic                                                    Vaguely Chemical 
23               Papery                                                     Squid/octopus 
24               Tooth-breakingly hard                            Ashes 
25               Irregular (roll twice)                               Weird (roll twice)
Actual Monsters  
If your players try to eat these then idk what to tell you.
Alpha Gaunt
Taste: Rubber soaked in acid, pure ethanol and petrol. Meat hums unpleasently and writhes in the corner of your vision. And your mouth.
Chefs tip: Exposing the meat to a Jump Drive for a month gives a +1 to the roll.
1           Hyperspace Intrusion: Your body warps into a Dead Gate. Crawlers, death worms and worse pour  through. Good luck.
2-4      Wormspawn: Parasitised cells hijack your body. Once a day, 1d10 Death Worms emerge from your mouth. You take 1d10 stress, 2d10 damage and must save or Panic, nearby PCs must make a Fear save or take 1d5 stress.
5-8      Shrivelled: Your skin pulls tight, turns grey and leathery. -10 to speed and body save. Take a sanity save each day or suffer a compulsion to sculpt.
9         Gaunt Hunger: As Shrivelled but gain the need to subsist on raw flesh, industrial chemicals, alcohol and fuel. 
10       Gaunt Apotheosis: Gain the Telekinetic Drain attack. Gaunt creatures will treat you as an ally. +15 to Speed and Combat. Your fingers can elongate to long, molecular-thin claws. Whenever you travel by Jump drive, there is a 40% chance the ship will be becalmed in orbit of the Dead Planet.
Ypsilon 14 Specter
Taste: Gristly, oily and stringy, strange tingly feeling. The meat of a predator. After hibernation, it is starving- there won't be enough meat for everyone. Wash thoroughly before the meal, wear protective clothing.
Chefs tip: If cooked, its Normal Alien meat. If consumed raw, roll on the table below. 
1        Goo'd: You didn't clean it properly! You die slowly over the next day or so, dissolving into yellow goop.
2-8    Consumption: Parts of your insides are dissolved. You don't die, but you will need serious medical care for the rest of your life. Body Save halved.
9        Hibernation: On the point of death, you can create a cocoon of yellow goop that will heal you (once). Doing so takes all the energy you possess, and you will emerge starving and with permenantly halved HP.
10      Predation: Alien healing agents remake your body. As Hibernation, but you also gain a chameleonic skin and become an obligate carnivore.

Blue Comet
You can't eat stone . If you manage to chip a piece from the comet and swallow it without looking, roll on the table below.

1        Blue Cancer: You die an extremely painful and visually interesting death, as blue tumours erupt across your body and eat you alive.
2-9    Obsession: You become terminally obsessed with the Blue Comet (see Moonbase Blues)
10      Sapphire Majesty: You can move in zero-G as easy as swimming. Your eyes and mouth emit blinding beams of Blue Comet light. Comet cultists worship you. 

Deep Androids
Taste: Pale imitation of pork, foul chemical aftertaste. 
Chefs tip: Synthflesh tends to melt like plastic when cooked and release toxic fumes. For best results consume raw.

1       Imitator: That's not an android, thats a human. +1d10 Stress and Bends
2-4    Connection: MONARCH scans your body as the meal moves through you. The brainscan it takes it bizarre- obsessed with food and the act of consumption.
5-7    Infiltrator: You consumed an infiltration Android. +1d10 Bends as the knowledge of its mission washes over you. Memories not your own fill your dreams. 1/day, change your face to someone elses.
8-9    Soul Eater: Gain the ability to consume brainscans. Doing so allows you to recall their memories perfectly, but take 1 stress when doing so. Androids and AIs regard you with hostility and suspiscion. 
10     Deepmind: As Soul Eater but gain no stress. Your appetite extends to human minds too, which you can consume straight from the brain. You can sense sapient beings at a range of 20 meters.

Sunday, 3 October 2021

5 Hyperspace Intrusions

When your a guardsman on your way to defend a planet, but the gellar field  fails - 9GAG

Dandyman wrote up a big list of reasons your ship is crawling with monsters when your gellar field  Caldwell Manifold hyperspace condom fails, so I did some rolling.

The following are cuttings from the banned text 'Field Guide to Caldwell Failures.' The book contained catalouged information on Hyperspace Intrusion Events, compiled from survivors stories, folklore, remains of events themselves and information stolen from top-level corporate sources. Author is unknown.

Trigger: Dirty vents and filters
Recorded Evidence:
  •  Low-quality footage from a handheld device. 
    • No sound. Depicts white hazard suits erupting from vents in a ships corridor. Suits are misshapen and lumpy, seals leak a brownish-red fluid. Chests are emblazoned with unknown symbol and blurred text. Footage lasts for 25 secounds before cutting.
  •  Audio sample, found in background noise of a cleaning supplies advert.
    • [Voice 1] (unintelligable)zipped him, they just unzipped him and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrub-
    • [Voice 2] Shhhhut up shut the fuck up stay quie-
Gunner Jenny
Trigger: Corpses
Recorded Evidence:
  • Childrens rhyme, recorded in Low Stacks, Bardistown Hive
    • Sergent Jenny, out in the black//Corpo stabbed them in the back//Bodys dust but Jennys not dead//Now her soul is fire and lead//So if your stiffs arnt passed along//Gunner Jennys not yet gone
  •  Mural daubed on hull of wrecked vessel. Depicts hunched corpse, head and hands replaced with many overlapping firearms. Skull hovers above, halo of red hair.
  • Collected shell casings, recovered from derelict vessel. Number in excess of 25,000,  each etched with text from standard NDA forms used by most mercenary corporations.

Trigger: Accessing networks mid-jump
Recorded Evidence:
  •  Footage from a security camera, dining hall of a luxury cruiser.
    • Swarms of insects pour from wall console. Several passengers appear to be partly-consumed, with insects regurgitating consumed flesh into center of room to form a pentagonal hive structure.
  • 7-legged insect-like creature. Thorax pattern resembles human face. Dissection  revealed no internal organs, instead tangled masses of wire and human hair.

The Cables
Trigger: Android without voided warranty
Recorded Evidence:
  •  First-hand survivors account:
    • "First thing we knew was wrong was the android. Molly was workin the console when she just stopped and turned to face the wall. There was this scratching, scraping sound. Like rats. Then this...thing came right through the hull. Some kind of cable. Stabbed her straight in the head, started jerking her around like a puppet. 
She wouldnt stop laughing. 
  • Remains of a Supermashi/Kane General Purpose Series 3 android. Head casing pierced by length of black cable-like structure that has melded with the logic core. Core itself constantly weeps unknown fluid and has gained a sponge-like texture. Limbs missing, damage to sockets consistent with models own teeth.

Argument Tiger
Trigger: Grudges
Recorded Evidence:
  •  Video captured by SBD bodycam.
    • Two marines, A and B, argue in what appears to be a troopship training area. Three minutes in, a creature resembling an adult male bengal tiger emerges from marine A's mouth and proceeds to maul and partly consume marine B. Marine A collapses,vomiting orange fur.

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Blood, Dirt and Leaves


(If you can geuss what piece of media I'm ripping off for this you win an imaginary medal and a kiss on the cheek)

 File:Dark Forest.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

 Ram Setu is an earthlike planet, terraformed to habitability, set to be a profitable agri-world once its 2nd phase expansion is complete. The fields are green, colonists arrive by the shipload, and the bonuses for management come thick and fast as they reach each milestone ehad of schedule and under-budget.


That was a century ago.

 Colony Collapse Syndrome hits hard, and on Ram Setu it was particularly brutal.  Once the radiation levels dropped, the nanobot kill-clouds dispersed and the roving android death-squads rattled their last, the shattered survivors rebuilt as best they could. Knowledge of Humanitys vast and glittering diaspora exchanged was quickly lost, parents more concerned with teaching their children how to hunt, how to run, how to hide and how to fight. What remains is a hodge-podge of myth, stories, fables and the limited scraps passed down from generation to generation. 

It is a hard life, but not a bad one.

But simple lives do not stay unoticed for long in this galaxy. After the original companies collapse, a hungry new player has snatched up a large chunk of its IP, including the colonisation rights. They forecast vast profits, if the planet can be turned to usefulness once more.

A metal fortress fell from the sky on a pillar of flame, and landed in Forest Clan territory four days ago. More will surely follow.

The Players
Trusted agents of the Commander, leader of the Forest Clan. The PCs have been dispatched to handle the Invaders by any means they see fit. Negotiate, kill them, capture them, drive them into the wastelands- the Commander has left it to them.

The 100 Grounders / Characters - TV Tropes
  • The PCs have been provided with a regiment of 50 warriors and a band of 10 scouts. They are loyal, brave and skilled, but outgunned by the mercenary troops. 
  • The PCs know the terrain, surrounding villages, weather, etc.
  • The Commander has granted them authority to recruit fresh troops from the area, as well as to approach and negotiate with currently hostile forces (the Meadow Warg Pack and the Unmen being the primary factions)
  • The PCs and their troops only have access to primitive gear. Guns, explosives and modern medicine are foreign to them. 
  • The PCs and their troops know Battle-cant, a sign language used by warriors, and Forest Trails, allowing them to move through the woods much faster than the mercenaries. They can also climb and leap between trees with no difficulty.
  • Utari. Local chieftain, usually in command of soldiers here. PCs main contact. Slight resentment at PCs superceding her authority. Advocates the Invaders be wiped out to the last man- she knows they will bring nothing but death. Shaved head, many piercings.
    • H:3(30) C:60 I:50 L:70
      • Sword 4d10
      • Throwing knives 2d10, silent.
      • Krak- combat drug, applied to gums. Induces beserker state.
  •  Helen. Headman of Lony-Bar-6, veteran of of many battles. Pre-occupied with fighting Unmen and Wargs. Skilled geurilla tactician, favours hit-and-run and terror tactics. Dreadlocks, tattooed cheeks.
    • H:2(40) C:70 I:60 L:75
      • Battle-axe- 5d10, amputate on crit
      • Blowpipe- 1d10, Save or poisoned. Hallucinations, sickness, incapacited for 1d5 days on crit fail.
      • Bow- 3d10, silent
        • Deaths-head arrows. Smeared with animal feaces, poison and assorted muck. Wounds garunteed to fester. A horrible way to go.
  •  Warrior. Forest Clan soldier. Scarred, tattooed. Gregarious and cheerful to friends, merciless and brutal to enemies.
    • H:2(50) C:50 I:45 L:60
      • Sword- 4d10
      • Bow- 3d10, silent
  •  Scout. Eyes and ears of the clan. Soft-spoken, move silently. Come with their own horses.
    • H:2(20) C:45 I:50 L:60
      • Throwing knives 2d10
      • Recurve bow- 2d10, fire twice in one round, can fire from horseback, silent.
      • Camoflauge leathers- almost invisbile in the woods.
The Invaders
The Company has hired Picador Asset Management to handle the management of physical property, which in turn has subcontracted Moon Dog PMC, a mercenary company of middling repute. The battallion (Shiba Company) that has arrived on Ram Setu is a scout unit, here to secure the area, report on inhabitants and pave the way for their comrades.
Military Sci Fi Wallpapers - Top Free Military Sci Fi Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess

  • The mercenaries number 120 in total- 80 Grunts and 10 SpecOps, the remainder being Captain Beltu and his command staff, medical staff and technicians.
  • Their objective is to create a detailed picture of the area, inhabitants (numbers, capabilities, etc) and anything valuable left from the original colony. 
    • Secoundry objective is to weaken the organization and fighting capability of native civilizations, if any.
    • Their communications array was broken in the landing- they must seize and repair the Satellite Uplink at Old Grannys Pile to report to the rest of the company. Repair takes 2 days.
  • The mercenaries have access to modern weaponry and equipment, as well as  4 Drones and a swarm of spy-gnats.
  •   Commander Beltu. Veteran officer, hardened and practical. Willing to make examples of indiginous settlements, but not wholesale extermination. Fond of his SpecOps unit. Salt-and-pepper beard, prosthetic eye.
    • H:3(50) C:60 I:60 Armour:60 (Powered Exoskeleton)
      • Personalized battle rifle- 5d10
      • Powerfist- 2d10
      • 1d5 Frag grenades
  •  Lieutenant Westbay. Newly-promoted, bluster and bravado hides cold calculation. Backstabbed their way to the top. May do the same to Beltu if pressed. Knows when to cut their losses and run. Slick-backed, thinning hair and small eyes.
    • H:3(20) C:55 I:70
      • Smart rifle- 1d10
      • Shimmer cloak- 8 hours of invisibility if immobile, 1 hour if moving.
      • Needle Pistol- Body Save or painful death. Useless against any kind of armour.
  •  Corporal Orbe. Hive-world street kid, signed up for merc work to support her mother. Mother dead a year now, hates merc work. Dreamed of forests her whole life, will defect if given the opportunity. Gaunt cheeks, red hair.
    • H:2(30) C:40 I:35
    • SMG- 4d10
  •  Grunts.  Average capability and morale, either press-ganged or here for the credits. Hollowed out by the things they have done for money. 
    • H:2(25) C:35 I:25 
      • SMG- 4d10
      • Combat knife- 2d10
  • SpecOps. Hard-as-nails bastards with no morals, will not hesitate to hit soft targets. Have dealt with 'natives' before.
    • H:2(50) C:65 I:55 Armour:50 (Special Battle Dress)
      • Smart rifle- 1d10
      • Flamethrower- 2d10
      • Flashbang- Speed check or blinded+stunned
  • Drones: Unmanned recon models. 4 missiles, 3d10.  Need target painted. Grounded in rain.
  • Spy-Gnats: Miniscule surveillance drones, record audio-visual. Destroyed by a good swat.



 The terrain is mostly light-to-thick forest, with occasional clearings. Surrounding E is a meadow and grassland several kilometers across. The river is treacherous, but the Forest clan knows the safe crossings.
Travelling between locations takes around 4 hours hard marching, or an hours ride.
A- Invaders camp. Large dropship surrounded by encampment. Sandbags and barbed wire. Two 6-man patrols in the immediate area. Surrounded by scorched, poisoned earth from the slash-and-burn operation the soldiers undertook after landing, granting excellent fields of fire for gun emplacements.
  • Gun Emplacement: 5d10, Automated turrets, dumb-AI will shoot anything without correct RFID tags.

B- Old Grannys Pile. Flat-topped mountain, providing excellent views of the whole area. Old satellite uplink station at summit- Shiba Company will attempt to secure this to access old terrain-mapping network. Haunted by a Spirit, Old Granny herself.

  • Hidden bunker stocked with NERV Fog beneath- blue toxic gas, instant death if inhaled. Mercenaries will use this if they are able to secure it.
  • Old Granny- ancient spider-tank, AI long descended into rampancy. Believes itself a forest spirit. Skeletons of crew still inside. Cannot move beyond mountain, but main cannon still functional and capable of long range bombardment.


C- Hebtown. Quarantined due to an outbreak of Weeping plague, a hemorrhagic fever endemic to the area. It is carried by air, water and bodily fluids. A cadre of warriors maintains the cordon, leaving food for the villagers and preventing any from leaving. 20 warriors eager to join the fight, prevented by quarantine.

  • Weeping plague: Body Save (-) or  2d10/day and (-) to speed, strength and combat as the victim bleeds from eyes and orifices. Runs its course in a week, 30% chance of immunity after. Body save (+) or stat effects are permenant.


D- Greenmot. Village of around 350 people. Defensive moat and palisade walls. In the midst of preperations for an autumn festival. Utari's hometown. 40 warriors will take up arms if asked- if they are killed, the village will be crippled.


E- Meadow, Disputed Grounds. Hunting grounds for both a Warg pack and Lony-Bar-6. Skirmishes most summers, bad blood going back decades. The Wargs are distrustful of humans, but willing to negotiate. Desire food, safety for young, territory concessions and ceasefire with villagers. Can contribute 25 full-grown Hunters. Will not fight alongisde Unmen.

  •  Warg Hunters: Semi-bipedal, jackal-like creature, taller than a human but sleek and rangy. Expert stalkers and pack hunters. H:2(40) C:60 I:60
    • Claws and Teeth: 4d10, anticoagulant in teeth means wounds bleed for hours
    • Howl: Disturbingly human-like scream. Fear save or 1d10 stress
F- Lony-Bar-6. Fortified town of around 1000, semi-permenant war camp due to conflict with Unmen and the Meadow Warg Pack. Will not easily give up fight with either- Helen must be convinced of the necessity. Can contribute 150 warriors.
G- Esch Labs.  Ancient colonial science building. Conducted experiments on prisoners and those whos debt ran too high. Staff uploaded themselves during the Collapse, coalesced into the Academic. Created both the Wargs and the Unmen. Wargs rebelled, Unmen still loyal. 
  • The Academic is a choir of 12 minds operating as one- or was originally. Time has sent it slightly mad, and it has come to the conclusion that it is trapped in a dream, imprisoned by the Demiurge.
    • Sees the Invaders ship as a way off-world. Will ally in exchange for promise of access to the mercenaries dropship. 
  •  Wargs were engineered from neogenic hunting dogs and human gene-stock. Too rebellious, released into surrounding area.
  • Unmen are cloned bodies, cybernetically upgraded and stocked operated by 3 minds in concert. Fear and worship the Academic. Raid Forest Clan for corpses, gene-stock and food.


 Timeline (if players do nothing)

  • Day 1: Mercenaries patrol area, capture local hunters. Interrogation reveals existence of Forest Clan.
  • Day 3: Drones spotted in sky. Minor engagement with mercenary patrols and Utari's soldiers. 
  • Day 4: Mercenaries secure Satellite Uplink. Old Granny tries to scare them off, is destroyed by SpecOps and drone strikes.
  • Day 5: Further skirmishes. Prisoners taken by both sides.
  • Day 6: Heavy fighting in the woods. Beltu orders Greenmot destroyed by carpet-bombing drones.  Utari seriously wounded. Unmen take advantage to advance on Londy-Bar-6. Repelled but Helen takes heavy casualties, including her daughter. Repairs on the Satellite Uplink completed, Moon Dog despatches troopships.
  • Day 7: Helen assumes command,  Orders prisoners crucified on trees around Invader Camp and begins assembling troops for midnight attack. Orbe assassinates Commander Beltu, is hung for treason. Westbay takes command of Shiba Company, orders use of  NERV Fog on Hebtown, no survivors.
  • Day 8: Helens raid repelled, at a heavy cost to both sides. The Commander arrives with her army, has PCs executed for cowardice and incompetance. Shiba Company makes doomed last stand, wiped out after brutal siege. Commander is mortally wounded, leadership of forest clan in disarray. Moon Dog ships arrive will arrive in 3 weeks.

Primitive Gear
The gear available to the PCs is low-tech, but can can mostly be replaced in the field. Swords and Bows won't stand up against power armour- unless you get smart.
  • Sword: 4d10
  • Bow: 3d10, silent
    • Screaming Arrows- Loses silent, enemies must make Loyalty check or panic. SpecOps and named NPCs unaffected.
    • Poisoned- Save or incapacitated for several hours, death if medical attention not recieved
    • Pitch- Armour save or catch fire. Panic check for NPCs.
  • Bola: Save or immobilised. Crippled on crit fail.
  • Blowpipe: 1d10, poisoned- see above. Useless against any kind of armour.
  • Battleaxe: 5d10, amputate on crit
  • Spear: 3d10, can be thrown. Impale on crit, x3 damage.
  • Pungee Pit: Hidden unless specifically looked for. Speed/Instinct check or 2d10 damage and trapped in pit.
  • Forest Clan leathers: +10% armour, (-) to saves against bullets/explosives.
  • Forest Clan plates: +15% armour, (-) to speed checks.
  • Anything else you can think of, I'll leave it to the GM because its 4am and I'm tired.





Monday, 29 March 2021

1d10 Ship Spirits and curses

'It ain't hard to keep them happy. Uusally alcohol, cigs and food; and don't let the place get too dirty. Try not to spill too much blood around, or it might get a taste for it.'

-Common spacers knowledge on appeasing a ships spirit.

When a ship becomes a home to its crew, infused with their dreams and lives, a spirit will inevitably manifest. Whether they generate sponteneously or, like spacers, mill about at docks waiting for a likely vessel, is the matter of some debate.





A wizened figure, the size of a small child, with a beard of soot and embers. Clad in a cloak of reflective foil.

Hard spirits and cigarettes left outside the engine airlock.


An elongated fox with 8 legs, empty eyes that glitter with stars.  Tail turns to pale flames at the tip.

Something meaty, ideally real but krill or soy is fine.


An extra cryopod, glass misted over. Faint figure seen inside, curled into a ball. Wet footprints appear in the night.

An extra place at the galley table, a locker left empty.


Thin, 8-Armed man, coal-glasses and a bushy mustache. Squats in life support, arms snake through ventilation.

Herbal tea poured into the water recycler and burnt incense.


Stencil of a fat golden fish, swims along the walls of corridors. Appears by itself or in shoals.

Drawings, paintings and fried fish curry.


Enormous 8-tailed rat, fibre-optic strands for hair. Steals small trinkets from crew and passengers for its nest.

Gigabytes of junk data loaded onto USBs and intentionally lost.


Unknown. Cloaks itself in a pile of blankets woven from rubbish and lost things. Enormous eyes, four pupils.

Shredded items of comfort- jumps, gowns, onesies and slippers.


Squat iron furnace, moves on lion-clawed legs. Carved face alternates between human and animal visage. Lives inside the reactor.

Spent jump cores. Coal. Used clothes and furniture.


Disembodied head in a vascuit helmet. Trails thick hair to the floor.

Empty oxygen tanks, prayers sharpied on.


Vulture-like head and neck protrudes from a heavy radiation suit. Leaves feathers everywhere.

Credits and shiny things. Flesh from those who die aboard the ship.

Sometimes the relationship breaks down, due to neglect, carelessness or ignorance. A ship spirit can place a curse on the crew, which will remain until the spirit is either appeased or evicted.





Becalmed. Thrusters produce no movement, jumps cannot be made.

A living sacrifice, pushed out an airlock or thrown into thrusters.


Water turns brackish and foul, pipes begin to rust. Vents clogged with hair.

Purification. Crew must fast for a week, meditate and thoroughly clean the vessel.


Glitches cascade through systems, impossible to use any terminals or workstations.

Votive candles and written prayers arranged around computer core and terminals.


Food rots, no matter how well preserved.

A pint of blood from every crewmember, smeared on the exterior hull.


Freak accidents become impossibly common.

Statues and icons of the spirit, placed throughout the vessel.


Temperature fluctuates, between freezing cold and scolding hot.

Feed 90% of food on the ship to the reactor, leave just enough to survive.


Credits or valuables aboard the ship turn to dust and rubbish.

Sacrifice items of sentimental value to the spirit.


Interior corridors become a maze. Takes hours to get from room to room.

No clothes or modern technology for 10 days. Crew must smear bodies with engine soot.


Large, aggressive rats and insects fill walls and swarm across the ship.

Spirit takes a crewmember's body for a joyride on a station.


Sleep interrupted by howling, banging, scraping at walls and raucous singing over the intercom. Rest is impossible.

Bacchanalia! Music, dancing, wine and song. Liquor on the walls and debauchery in the bunks.

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Two Sleeves

These are inspired by HailSantas excellent resleeving rules and the funky Chimeras theyv'e posted on the Mothership discord. Remove your brain today! 


Grimm/Atkinson Labs 2.0TT Combat Sleeve 'Redcap'

Straight from our science teams to you, the Redcap is a sleeve designed to maximise savings on resources as well as ensure positive outcomes in a wide spectrum of zero-g combat encounters.

The redcap resembles a short greenish-blue humanoid, averaging around 3.5ft tall. Densly-packed musculature provides strength far in excess of a baseline human and a stocky frame. Long limbs with flexible, double-jointed fingers and toes provide superior maneurverability in zero-g enviroments. A quartet of enlarged eyes provide a wide field of vision and can cycle between spectrums. The skull is elongated towards the back due to the presence of the 'Redcap' organ with which the sleeve shares its name.

  • 30+3d10Body, 40+2d10 Strength, Combat/Intellect as PC
  • Zero-G and CQC skills come as standard 
  • 10-inch Monoblade cyberware installed in wrists and ankles.
  • Redcap: This cone-shaped organ holds 2 doses of Redcap Combat Stim (+3d10 Speed and Combat for 1d5 hours, (-) to Sanity checks until rest. Sleeve is automatically addicted and cannot be cured). The organ can create new doses from fresh blood at a rate of 1 dose/day. Blood can be harvested from living/freshly dead bodies via a specialized proboscis in the sleeves hands.


Nakitomi-Gruppen Development SpEx 'Banshee'

NGD is proud to announce the latest in our Special Exectuive line of combat sleeves- the Banshee. Built around our brand new SONIX technology, the Banshee will ensure your scream is the last thing the enemy hears.