Sunday, 12 December 2021

25 Alt Histories

 I love alternate history, despite the fact that the majority of the stuff out there kind of sucks (apart from that one short story where the Titanic survivors start a floating pirate city). As usual I have missed the boat entirel but whatever here are my Efforts

  1. The Diggers ideology takes root in Leveller groups; occupation of land and non-payment of rents rapidly evolves into a popular uprising
  2. One of the nuclear bombs accidently dropped on north carolina by the USAF detonates
  3. Makhno remains in Ukraine, Bolsheviks successfuly repelled by the Black Army
  4. IRA sniper assassinates Margret Thatcher as she flees the Grand Brighton Hotel
  5. Opium Wars end in british defeat
  6. Pokemon anime is censored, Digimon becomes most popular childrens cartoon of its time
  7. Sun has a binary partner star with orbiting bodies
  8. Indian forces defeat the East India Company at Gwalior
  9. WW1 continues until 1920; leads to general mutiny by all armies involved
  10. Ned Kelly is never caught
  11. Earths rotation is half as fast
  12. Roswell confirmed as genuine alien probe crash-landing  
  13. Disneys original vision for Epcot is successfuly realised
  14. Great Apes evolve abilty to hibernate
  15. Ottoman Empire conquers most of europe in late 1400s
  16. John C Lily teaches a dolphin english
  17. Zealandia never sinks
  18. Sergei Korolev dies in the gulag
  19. US fakes the moon landings
  20. Oswald the Rabbit remains disneys mascot
  21. Constantine the Great never adopts christianity
  22. Council of Nicaea fails, no biblical canon established
  23. Anastasia escapes russia, goes into exile
  24. Spartan victory at the Battle of Thermopylae
  25. Definitive evidence of a yuletide gift-giving entity is obtained




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