Saturday, 4 January 2020

Mods for Mothership

These are mostly adaptations of Shadowrun and Eclipse Phase stuff, just cyberware at the moment cos I can't figure out how bioware should work.

Maskerade (cyberware)  
Cost: 10kcr 
Slots: 1 
Description: Full-face replacement, allows user to change their facial features with a mental trigger. Takes 1 hour for small adjustments, 5 hours for a completly new face. 
Requires: None  

Lotus Module (slickware)   
Cost: 80kcr  
Slots: 2  
Description: Allows a user to enter Slickworlds without the use of a Slickbay. Sanity losses for extended Slickworld use are doubled when using a Lotus Module. Addictive. 
Requires: Slicksocket, Remote Uplink

Puppet Strings (cyberware)  
Cost: 5mcr
Slots: 3 
Description:A highly invasive procedure that allows anyone with the control rig to bypass the consciousness and remote-control a body this is installed in. Rarely installed consensually. Victim takes 1 stress every round the Puppet Strings are active.   
Requires: Remote Uplink 

Internal Oxygen Reserve (cyberware)
Cost: 5kr
Slots: 1
Description: Allows the user to switch from regular breathing to an implanted oxygen tank containing 4 hours of air supply. Takes 24 hours to refill.

Sub-Dermal Weave (cyberware)
Cost: 350kcr
Slots: 2
Description: A layer of woven impact-resistant threads inserted between the dermis and the muscalature. Provides a permanent +10% Armour bonus. On taking a critical hit, the weave is compromised. (-) to speed checks and strenuous activity deals 1d10 damage until it is repaired.

Ghostbox (cyberware)
Slots: 1
Description: A small data-storage module and processor that can store an uploaded AI, or a personality downloaded from a Blackbox or NEMO machine.
Requires: Terminal Jack, Slicksocket

Cybercortex (cyberware)
Cost: 50kcr
Slots: 2
Description: Partial replacement of organic brain matter with specialized synthetic architecture. Provides 2 free slickware slots. Vulnerable to hacking and EMP weaponry.
Requires: Slicksocket

Parralel Processor (slickware)
Cost: 550kcr 
Slots: 2 
Description: Allows users with Parralel Processor installed to wirelessly network minds together, providing (+) to Intelligence checks. Stress suffered by one will affect all other characters in the network. Vulnerable to hacking. 
Requires: Slicksocket

Empathy Lock (slickware)
Cost: 200kcr 
Slots: 2 
Description: On command, blocks sections of the brain responsible for empathy, personal ethics, and guilt. Allows user to commit extreme violence and actions they would usually find repulsive or disturbing, without taking stress. Memories are locked in a partitioned section of the Blackbox to prevent psychological trauma when the slickware is disengaged. 
Requires: Slicksocket, Blackbox

Frogpads (Cyberware)
Cost: 5000cr
Slots: 1 
Description: Pads implanted on hands, knees, elbows and feet that produce a strong adhesive. Allows user to crawl on walls and ceilings.

Spy-eyes (cyberware)
Cost: 40kcr
Slots: 1
Description: Concealed cybernetic cameras implanted around the skull. Provides 360-degrees of vision.

Cybereyes (cyberware)
Cost: 35kcr
Slots: 2
Description: Cybernetic eye replacement. Comes with thermographic vision, low-light mode, magnification, and flare compensation.

Cost: 25kcr
Slots: 1
Description: Replaces surface of fingers with smart material, allowing morphing of fingerprints. Can also shift fingers into a suit of lockpicking tools.

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