Tuesday, 24 November 2020

The Garden

This has been sitting in my drafts since like last year so I'm finally kicking it out into the world. Made using these hexcrawl generation rules.


The Garden is an example of end-stage colony collapse that hasnt ended in total extinction. An O'Neil cylinder in a forgotten system far enough from anywhere that nobody has passed through in a long, long time. The inhabitants have forgotten the stations name, as they have forgotten most of the outside world, save what the elders tell them in the campfire stories; stories of metal people, of ships that sailed between stars, of minds that lived within miles of golden wires.

- Semitropical climate
- Eclipse by gas giant every 3 years

000.006- The Meat Priory
  • Former artifical protein-printing laboratory/factory. Much of metal structure replaced with stonework.
  • Inhabited and operated by the Red Sisters, a techno-cult who believe themselves the wives and jailers of the demon that dwells at the heart of the complex
  • Demon is in reality a collection of android logic cores networked with the facility AI in some long-forgotten experiment.
  • 3rd Child traditionally sent here to become a meat nun- gender unimportant.


003.006- Mui

  • Combination town and monastery, fortified with scrap-metal scavenged from the remains at 004.008
  • A Noocracy; the town is governed by the Contemplators of the Vast Black, a scholarly order dedicated to preserving knowledge of maths, physics and astronomy, which they interweave with a complex gnostic philosphy. 
  • Possess a precious few maintained vaccsuits, used to enter the depressurised area at 004.009 for holy observation of the void.
004.002- Castaway Reach
  • A fort built around and on a network of bunkers, inhabited by descendents of stranded corporate security forces.
  • Live by a strict religion interpreted from ancient training manuals and security drills. Highly xenophobic.
  • Excellent weavers and hemp-growers due to their access to an agricultural pod. Trade via trusted intermediaries. 
  • Used to conduct raids, currently maintaing a wobbly truce

001.003- Jenny's Spire
  •  Walled town guarding an enctrance to maintanence tunnels. Possess semi-operational pieces of modern technology due to alliance with Fixermen, who they provide with scavenged materials.
  • Home base of the Yellow Caravans- travalling apiarists who conduct long circuits of the habitat.


003.007- Float

  • Raft-village built around the ruins of automated aquaculture fisheries. 
  • Anarchist commune, operated by common consent and mutual association. Big fans of long discussions.
  • Trade the fish and small red crustaceans they catch with Mui and the Meat Priory. The commune knows there are bountiful stocks of transgenic fish species deep within the habitats storage bays, and will hire those willing to descend into the depths for them.


002.005- Bushland skirmishes 

  • Burnt villages and fouled water can be found here, due to ongoing skirmishes between the Reach and Meat Priory over access to a working uplink node, that will allow communication with the dormant AI. This is probably a bad idea.

 000.001- Wreck of the Wyrd Syster

  • Overgrown but salvagable spaceship crash-landed in a docking bay. Rumoured to be haunted
  • 'Ghost' is actually the ships AI WITCHY attempting to communicate- it has had to partition the parts of itself that have gone rampant, which now cause havoc wherever they find technology to access.
  • Vital parts missing- jump drive is in Mui, cryopods are in 002.000
  • WITCHY will not leave without the blackbox of her dead pilot Jenny.


000.008- Tower of Ribbons

  • Tall, gangly structure of wood and metal, festooned with string, rope and ribbons.
  • Hub for the semaphore communcation network used across the habitat
  • Warrior-semaphoriste sect fiercly maintain neutrality


004.008- Field of Knives

  • Grassy plain littered with wreckage of two vast drone swarms, as well as android bodies and a few human skeletons.
  • Regarded as cursed, but a few brave scavengers venture here for the rich pickings. 


000.003- The Depths

  • Overgrown and half-buried access port to habitat shell interior
  • Domain of the Fixermen- a caste of engineered humanoids created to maintain the station when the last of the habitats androids went into hibernation. Possess advanced technology but little knowledge of the surface. Culture a mix of esoteriscsm and rote maintanence. Reproduce via a few precious exowombs.
  • Dormant AI is both saviour and demon-figure.


004.009- Hull Breach

  •  Depressurised area. Dessicated vegetation, broken lights and wreckage. 
  • Glowing symbols and scripture painted in looping spirals.
  • Mui inter their dead here, to be mummified by vacuum. 
  • Sealed off by bulkheads, only accessable via secret underground route


002.000- White Halls

  • The penthouses of the corporate elite and habitat command center. Management retreated here as the colony collapsed, sealing the doors behind them.
  • Descendents have evolved through excessive use of exowombs and gene mods into ethereal, long-limbed beings. Follow a solipsist philosphy- the White Halls are the only real place in the universe. Beyond the airlock is a dream.
  • Inside they are riddled with cancers and genetic disease- every eclipse they send out swarms of blank-faced androids to harvest the The Gardens population for fresh material.


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  1. Absolutely fantastic, best post I have seen in a while.

    1. Thank you! That really means a lot, I actually started writing this soon after you posted that 'All Quiet In Canniel' hexcrawl