Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Leer-ly There

Poor Leer. Her life sucks. She sculpts until she passes out, and then she wakes up and does it again. This is what happens when she sculpts too much. I figured that since the Gate is formed from her sculptures, it would be cool to have her become the gate.

The Gate Herself
A thin, malnourished body floats a few feet from the ground, limbs shrivelled and skin pulled taught. Bloodstained rags of clothing trail below it. From her back erupts a hideos growth of bone and flesh, Leer's spine and organs moulded like clay into a ring-like structure. Black smoke pours from the portal, which throbs and writhes with a hideous life.

Combat: 25%
>Feeble scratching 1d10 OR Open the Gate

Speed: 30%
Instinct: 40%
Hits: 4 (30)

>Trauma Aura: Sanity and Fear saves taken by PCs are at (-)
>The Gate Opens: Gaunt enter realspace, roll D6 on table below.
  1. Pitch-black toxic smoke billows from the Gate, lit by purple lightening. Body save or 1d10 damage/turn spent breathing smoke.
  2. 1d10 Death Worms writhe sinuously through the air, spectral fronds twitching.
  3. 1d10/2 Crawlers scuttle through, swarming towards the PCs.
  4. 3 Gaunt Walkers erupt from the portal, wailing unearthly screams.
  5. Pyschic shockwave erupts from the portal, flooding the PCs minds with horrific visions. Sanity save or stunned for 1 round.
  6. A long, multi-jointed, skeletal arm reaches through the portal and grabs a random PC, Body save or be pulled through the portal next turn (unless stopped somehow).

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